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SIMLOC EXPEDITION 35 – Interview on BBC news

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Nepal earthquake: Avalanche ‚was like a tsunami of ice‘

1 May 2015 Last updated at 16:09 BST

Jost Kobusch is a 22-year-old German climber who filmed the first avalanche video at Everest base camp after the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal last Saturday.

The video was widely shared on social media.

The BBC’s Jonathan Head interviewed Mr Kobusch in Lukla just after he had returned back from the base camp, and he described what he saw.



SIMLOC EXPEDITION 31 – Spiegel-online Interview mit Jost

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Heute gab Jost Spiegel-online ein Interview. Lesen lohnt.
Jost gave an interview to a german magazine. This is the english translation of it.
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Kobusch, your video from avalanche impact at the Base Camp of Mount Everest has been called since Sunday on YouTube almost 20 million times – as you have experienced these dramatic moments?

Jost Kobusch: We sat in the dining tent at breakfast, a few climbers in our group had just returned from the Khumbu Icefall. I did not feel well that morning and had therefore remained in the camp. Then the earth began to shake. I went outside and started to film with the iPhone. When I travel, I always try to film everything and take pictures. However, the published video is not complete because it was too large to upload. It lacks the first 35 seconds.

SIMLOC_expedition_jost-profilAbout Jost
The climber Jost Kobusch, 22, comes from Borgholzhausen. At the time of the earthquake in Nepal, he was on the Everest Base Camp to climb the Lhotse (8516 meters) his first eight-thousanders. In 2014, he was the youngest climbers who had the Ama Dablam (6814 meters) climbed alone.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What happened in these 35 seconds?
Kobusch: In the beginning, when the earth shook, everything was very funny, we joked and laughed. Suddenly it occurred to me that far ahead of us ran people. And then this huge wall of ice came up to us.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Rather than even running, you have stopped and have continued filmed by mobile phone.

Kobusch: That’s unreasonable. With 22 you feel immortal, you have your whole life ahead of them and so many plans. The moment has somehow my subconscious directed: I really wanted to have a movie about this moment. At the same time, I wondered if it brings anything when I run away.


*Translation mistakes could be happen

SIMLOC EXPEDITION 28 – Stern TV 29.4. Beitrag über Jost

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SIMLOC_expedition_trip-start-01Das SIMLOC-Team hat sich entschlossen, über Jost weiterhin zu berichten. Natürlich findet die Expedition nicht mehr so statt, wie sie von Jost geplant wurde. Dennoch möchten wir alle Leser, vorallem die, die uns kontaktieren und nach Jost fragen, informieren. Wir haben sogar Emails aus Japan bekommen, wo sich Menschen am anderen Ende der Welt nach seinem Gesundheitszustand gefragt haben. Gestern war ein Beitrag bei Stern-TV. Hier ist der Link zur Berchterstattung von STERN TV.

The SIMLOC team has decided to continue to report on Jost. Of course, the expedition will be held no longer as it was planned by Jost. Nevertheless, we would like all readers, especially those who contact us and ask for Jost inform. We even get emails from Japan, where people have been asking about his health at the other end of the world. Yesterday was a contribution to Star TV. Here is the link to Berchterstattung by STAR TV.



28. April 2015 | 1 Comment

SIMLOC_expedition_jost-is-okayJost schreibt…
Hey mir und meinem Team geht es gut zum Glück waren wir nur am Rand der Lawine und wurden  nicht mit voller Wucht getroffen. So wurden wir nicht von Flugobjekten getroffen aber ein paar von unseren Zelten wurden zerstört. Mein Zeltnachbar musste seine Stiefel weit weg suchen und was von der Lawine getroffen wurde, sah aus wie ein Kriegsfeld. Aber jetzt komme ich nach Hause  – ich bin in Lobuche 4900m morgen werde ich nach Namche Bazar 3400m kommen Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald!

Jost write…..
Hey me and my team is alright – luckily we were only at the border of the Avalanche were we were not hit by the full force. So we were not hit by flying objects – but a few of our tents became some. My tent neighbour was looking for his boots far away and what was hit by the Avalanche looked like a war field. But now I go home – I’m in lobuche 4900m now- tomorrow I will move to namche bazaar 3400m – see all of you soon!

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